The Story of an Idea

Napa is a magical place, a one-of-a-kind amalgamation of sublime weather, stunning terrain, extraordinary wine, and world-class cuisine.  Yet, as extraordinary as Napa is, it still lacks the kind of world-class programming that feeds the mind and nourishes the soul, equal to and worthy of all that Napa Valley offers to residents and visitors alike.

With this challenge in mind, at the start of 2017 a small, working group assembled to consider an idea first advanced by Congregation Beth Shalom Rabbi Emeritus Lee Bycel, building on all that Napa has to offer.  The group met weekly, quickly turning its attention to programming and events.

The showing of the superb documentary film ITZHAK, supplemented by insightful, first-hand commentary from noted Napa-based conductor Tom Conlin, served as the Center’s highly successful inaugural event.

We followed this with a second documentary:  the screening of RBG. Known to many with wit, affection, and respect as “The Notorious RBG,” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a trailblazing pioneer for women’s justice and equal rights, among other causes.

The film was supported by a panel of distinguished women California Judges and attorneys, moderated by former Napa City Councilmember Mary Luros, offering insight and addressing audience questions on issues raised in the documentary.

The Center has some extraordinary programs and events in the works for the balance of this year and into the next, which you can preview by clicking here.  We will continue to build on these initial programs with a wide variety of cultural events, partnering, when appropriate, with co-sponsors on discussions of issues of our time, conversations with thought leaders, and extended workshops and learning sessions.

There is a real need in the Napa Valley for more thought-provoking programming and events you can’t find anywhere else.  Our task then, is to complete what’s missing, knowing we are engaged in the story of an idea that has no end.