Dr. Dana Levin

DR. DANA LEVIN – EXTREME MEDICINE: Providing Care in the World’s Most Dangerous Environments. The second in a series – “The Road Less Traveled” – moderated by Rabbi Niles Goldstein

Dr. Dana Levin and Rabbi GoldsteinThe Himalayas, Antarctica, outer space–how do doctors keep people healthy and safe in such inhospitable places? As part of NCTC’s “The Road Less Traveled” series, millennial and adventurer Dana Levin, an emergency and aerospace medicine physician at New York’s Columbia University, will speak about the challenges of this field of work, but also about how imagination, creativity, interdisciplinary thinking and international cooperation can help to lead the way toward progress. Dr. Levin’s presentation will be followed by a conversation with Rabbi Goldstein and an opportunity for the audience members to ask questions.

Dr. Dana Levin and audience
Dr. Dana Levin and Rabbi Goldstein

Photos by Janna Waldinger, Art & Clarity Photography